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Glasgow City Council Equal Pay Claim

If you have been employed by Glasgow City Council or one of the associated employers like Cordia in the last 5 years you can make a claim.

Our simple 3 step process to join the fight for equal pay against Glasgow City Council

Your employer should treat male and female employees equally in the terms and conditions of their employment contract if they’re employed to do equal work. Your pay and benefits shouldn’t be any less favourable than those of your colleagues working in distribution centres carrying out work deemed of equal value.

Complete the online application form.
It will only take a few minutes

After receiving your application, we will review your claim to check that you meet the criteria for a potential claim

We will then pursue the matter for you from start to finish.

Why Action 4 Equality Scotland?

Action 4 Equality Scotland is a claims management company that have the expertise, knowledge and track record to help you make a claim. Pay expertise should be in the hands of employees, not just employers

Action 4 Equality Scotland is committed to helping you claim your rights. We aim to provide the tools, information and expert advice to enable you to overcome the barriers to making equal pay claims.

Action 4 Equality Scotland are passionate about helping employees claim equal pay. The law relies on individuals making equal pay claims.

We’ve already helped hundreds of claimants reclaim the money that they deserve, If you believe you’ve been treated unfairly, we’re on your side.
Start your claim today.

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