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Further Update

06th September 2021

Further Update

The claimant team attended a meeting with the council on Wednesday. I wasn’t going to mention it as so little new happened

But the council put up this update (see photo)

Now as you know we didn’t want to meet whilst the council want a divide and rule strategy but the day before the meeting GCC told us if we didn’t attend they would send out unilaterally offers to some people but we would have no say on the offers. This would cause massive division and upset. So we attended with this gun to our heads.

The councils “point of principle” was no more than “we want to change the terms of the last deal”. They started by saying they would make offers to 9 or 10 jobs ignoring the fact that there were over 1500 jobs covered by the last deal. We persuaded them to let us have a list of those jobs that THEY INTEND TO EXCLUDE. They agreed. This is awaited.

That’s it. We await the list of intended losers.

Next meeting in 3 weeks. Meanwhile the tribunal rumbles on.

The only thing the council is committed to is “resolving” the equal pay claims on worse terms than the 2019 deal.

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