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17th December 2021


All of you who still work for GCC should have received this notification from the council:


re the tribunal process and hope to have new dates soon. The preparation work for industrial action continues to be done by the unions. Tory laws make this a long and slow process.


The council is committed to resolving the issue of equal pay and dealing with equal pay claims, making sure that everyone who works for the council is paid equally for equal work.

We are also committed to kee

ping everyone updated about the status of discussions between council officers and claimants’ representatives, including our trade unions.

Since early December, each party’s legal representatives have been meeting with the aim of agreeing an approach for new claims. We also expect the Employment Tribunal process to continue in the New Year in the event that negotiations do not resolve all issues between us.

Progress has also been made with Strathclyde Pension Fund on adjusting pensions to reflect previous equal pay settlements.

The first group of former employees will receive their adjusted pension payments from 15 February 2022 – and this will be followed by a rolling programme, which will see more claimants receive their adjusted pension every month.

If your pension is due to change, we will work with your representatives so that you get advance notice of the date from which you can expect the adjusted pension to be paid.

We will continue to update you on any further discussions, as and when they take place.

All updates will be published on our staff webpage at – equal pay, latest news.”



Good to see the council’s comms are getting faster and better.

This is actually pretty accurate. Full blown negotiations have not yet restarted but informal discussions have taken place. These are strictly confidential so we can’t say what’s been said. Nevertheless, they have been positive and constructive. We have a long way to go but we are at least talking, and further meetings are planned in the new year. Further work is going on behind the scenes which is also helpful.

In the meantime, we are looking to resto


This is the most concrete development. New staff are in place and a definite timeframe has been agreed. We will also be consulted about the numbers in advance so that people can finally start getting their correct pension dues. Not before time but a lot of hard work has been done by Karl Bromley GCC and SPF staff which is now bearing fruit.


2021 has been a bit of a washout but 2022 is looking better.


In the meantime, merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours.

Stefan Cross

Any questions just let me know.


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