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12th June 2023


You will have received a corporate communication from the council that is deeply misleading and has made my blood boil.


The council has got its HMRC tax number but instead of being ready to send us the offers they are taking another 14 days to crunch their numbers.


If you read the communication carefully you will see that you ARE NOT BEING SENT OFFERS IN 14 DAYS


Instead they are sending Us – the REPS – the offers in 14 days.


We then need to check the data, convert it into offers and prepare all the offer document to send to you electronically. That is an enormous task – mainly for Karl Bromley alone. This will take at least an additional week. The council know – because we told them this today – but they have chosen to omit this from their communication. They are unnecessarily raising incorrect expectations and seeking to blame us for further delay. Its disgusting.

So to be frank and transparent – IT WILL BE AT LEAST 3WEEKS BEFORE YOU GET YOU’RE OFFERS.




In my view this is entirely down to the council not doing their prep work in advance. They have told us that this 14 day delay is because they need to sort out council tax debts – but this only affects 10% of claimants and they could and should have been done this work weeks ago. Instead They’ve added another 2 weeks to the timeline and they seek to fool you into thinking that you will get your offers in 2 weeks. Downright deliberately misleading and underhand imo.


Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do but wait.


We will get the offers to you as soon as we can, despite the misinformation from the council.

Its a real shame they couldnt have been more upfront about the true timeline.


I’m sorry you have been led to believe you will get your offer sooner than is practical.


However, on a positive note we really are nearly there.


SO OFFERS NOT IN JUNE BUT FIRST WEEK IN JULY. This is the same for ALL REPS including the union claimants. None of us will be able to get offers out before July.


REMEMBER this is only when you will be sent your offer. PAYMENT OF YOUR MONEY IS UP TO 28 DAYS LATER – so end of July / beginning of August for you to get your money.


Sorry for the additional delay.


Stefan Cross

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